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Jack Bingo Progressive Jackpot Rules and Regulations

Only one card per player is permitted

During Black-out rounds, every player must use the same color card. Always check to see if your card color matches others around you.

Jack Bingo will predetermine the amount of numbers that will be called during the Black-out round. Remember kids, nobody is perfect. If a caller does make a mistake and calls additional numbers beyond the preset amount that results in a bingo, the win Will Not be honored. The predetermined number of balls to be drawn will be shared with players on our website as well as on all our social media outlets.

In the event of a jackpot win during our black-out round, all player cards, even losing cards will need to be turned into your host.

A win during the BLACK-OUT round is not considered official until it is verified by the host, bar owner/manager, and initial verification with Jack Bingo corporate offices. The Final verification will be announced later in the week after the game cards from the evening as well as the game computer will be reviewed and analyzed by the internal office as well as our accounting department. Large cash jackpots will be awarded at the start of the next week’s game session.

When a “Progressive Jackpot” is won, it resets to $200 with 52 numbers to be drawn.  The $200 jackpot will stand for two weeks, after which it will increase by $25 per week until the jackpot is hit.

A jackpot that is won at an earlier game session can still be split by a winner at a session later that day.

For Jackpots and prizes in excess of $600, by Arizona law, winners are required to fill out earnings and tax reporting forms.


Missed Bingo's

If you have a winning card it is up to you, the player, to stop play and announce it before the next number is called. If you missed calling your win and another player calls it on a later number, your win is no longer valid. Sorry, you got Jacked!

In the Event of a Tie

If two or more player achieve a win on the same number, whatever player calls it first will be granted the win. It is upon the caller’s discretion to conduct a “tie-breaker” if necessary. It can be determined by coin flip or rock, paper, scissors etc. The caller will also have the option to continue calling numbers, but only for the players that are involved in the tie. Similar to a sudden death overtime, the first player to have a number that is not shared with the other player or players will be the winner. An additional prize, or splitting a prize, may be awarded to the other winners at the discretion of the hosting venue.


All players should hold their cards until an official winner is verified by a Jack Bingo Caller.

Game Cards 


Game cards are color coded and must be played in order. If a win is called and it is the wrong color card for that game, it is not valid and the round will continue. Players are permitted to use only one card per game.



Jack bingo will provide players with daubers. However, daubers must be capped and returned at the end of the night. Players that steal their dauber will be excluded from all future games or events.

Respect our Venues


Outside food and drinks are not allowed in any Jack Bingo venues unless permitted.

Player Etiquette 


Jack Bingo is always free to play, but tables can be reserved for paying customers in designated bingo areas. We also ask that you be respectful to all staff during Jack Bingo events. And don’t forget to tip your bartenders and servers.


Rule Changes


These rules are made available for players here as well as our social media outlets; however, always check the rules at the time you are playing in the event there have been changes made because the rules at the time you are playing are the ones in effect. We will do our best to voice any changes in the rules on all our media outlets. Also, your Jack Bingo caller will announce any rule changes before the show begins.

Game Disputes


In the event of any disputes, the Jack Bingo game caller’s decision is always final.

Cheating and Game Cards

Only cards supplied by Jack Bingo may be used at our events.

Players are expected to follow the rules and are to never attempt to tamper with or alter game cards. Our Jack Bingo staff is experienced at detecting an altered card and managers have the option to prosecute you should you be caught altering any game cards.

Understand that any attempt to alter the outcome of a BINGO game resulting in a cash payout in excess of $500 is a Felony and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Current employees of Jack Bingo LLC or Jack Trivia LLC are not eligible to play.

Former employees who have not been severed from the companies listed above for at least 1 year are not eligible to participate and win any prizes or flash prizes valued over $25.